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HI EVERYBODY! Betcha didn’t expect to see me again, huh? I know, I know. I have a good reason for my absence, though- I had a chunky, almost 10 pound ginger baby back in January! Yay! His name is Andrew and he’s just…perfect. He’s the last piece of the puzzle and he brings our family so much joy and laughter. Life is really good, but a lot has changed. I still cook and bake a lot, but I find myself not very interested in food blogging anymore. It makes me kind of sad, but…it is what it is. I honestly just don’t have time to do it anymore. And when I do have a little free time, I use it to do important things. Like binge-watching Jane the Virgin and drinking wine.

Which brings me to the fun news. I’m not getting rid of this blog. I can’t. I love it too much. It’s such a huge, huge part of me and I love it dearly. So obviously, I had a dilemma- I really love writing, I really love my blog, but I don’t really love taking pictures of/editing my food (ain’t nobody got time for that!) anymore. But you know what I love almost as much as food and could talk about pretty much all day? (No, I’m not talking about my kids; I think the world has more than enough “mommy blogs” these days).

WINE, people. WINE.

Wine is fun, wine is art, wine is delicious;¬†it’s fascinating, it’s complex, it’s been around for literally ages. I mean, it’s practically the official drink of JESUS. The Son of God don’t play around, y’all! There is SO MUCH to learn about wine, and over the past few years, Joel and I have really begun to take a real interest in it (read: drinking as much as we can between the hours of 8pm-10pm). I’ve recently decided I want to ¬†learn everything there is to learn about wine- how to drink it, how to smell it, what wines come from what regions, etc. I am SO excited to start this new chapter and I think there are a few, if not a lot, of you out there who wouldn’t mind learning right along with me. I’ve been testing the waters a little bit with my Instagram account, and the response has been pretty great- there are quite a few of you who are as interested as I am about wine! So let’s do this together!

Come hang out with me as I ramble (and trust, it will most definitely be rambling- I literally have ZERO idea what I’m talking about, but that’s what makes it fun) about my favorite and sometimes not-so-favorite wines. It’s gonna be fun!

P.S. If you like the way this is heading, help a girl out and leave me a comment or email or something to let me know! I welcome your feedback and need encouragement/suggestions/whatever you got!

I’M PUMPED, Y’ALL!! Cheers!