I’m an opera singer and voice teacher-turned full-time stay at home mommy. My hard-working, talented computer nerd hubby and built-in tech support, Joel and I live in our hometown (a small suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth) with our toddler, Cassidy, and 2 fur babies, Izzy and ZuZu. We’re food lovers, church goers, nap takers, and book readers. We’re dessert eaters, wine drinkers, dog lovers, and picture takers. Texas A&M cheerers, song singers, hard workers, and (sometimes) risk takers; cheese lovers, block builders, baby rockers, and kiss stealers. We’re trip takers, cookie bakers, Santa Claus believers, and home makers; computer programmers, music listeners, hand holders, and diaper changers. We’re lots and lots of things, but most importantly, we’re all together, doing the best we can day to day.

I started cooking and baking when I got married in 2006 and it immediately became a passion. I absolutely love being in my kitchen and I’m lucky enough to have a husband and kid who will eat anything I put in front of them, which makes cooking very fun! Nothing on this blog is perfect or by any means professional; I’m just a girl who loves food and loves gathering her family around the dinner table.

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I chose the name “Sing For Your Supper” based on a Broadway musical number. Besides being a huge fan of opera and classical music, I also happen to be a Broadway junkie! There’s a song from the musical, The Boys from Syracuse called “Sing for Your Supper” that I’ve always loved; I thought it would be a perfect title for an opera singer’s food blog! Give it a listen- it’ll be stuck in your head all day (in a good way!), I promise! (This is Dawn Upshaw, my favorite opera singer).

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As far as photography goes- I use a Canon EOS 40D camera with a Canon 50mm macro lens. I know practically nothing about photography and mostly just rely on luck to get a fairly decent shot every now and then.  My blog design/layout was custom designed by a good friend and my sweet hubby implemented it for me (being married to a computer nerd has its benefits). Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me! I always love reading your comments, so don’t be shy!goofy9