Coconut Cake

What happens when you’re short on time and ingredients but need an impressive cake that not only looks great but TASTES great? I’ve written a whole post on how to get homemade results from a boxed cake mix over at my family blog, A Little Something Lovely and I hope you’ll check it out! :) Click here to see the post.


Cassidy’s Play Kitchen…

play kitchen

Those of you who follow me on twitter and Instagram already know that Joel and I have been working hard building Cassidy a play kitchen for the past couple of weeks. Well, it’s DONE and we’re THRILLED! I’ve featured it over on my other blog- along with lots more pictures and instructions. Go check it out! :)


Some Exciting News!

No…I’m not pregnant. :)

I’m happy, happy to officially present to you my new blog, A Little Something Lovely (!! Don’t worry- I’m not letting go of Sing For Your Supper, I just wanted that to be strictly food. But I’ve enjoyed updating you all on other things happening in our lives so much that I decided I needed a separate place just for stuff like that! It’s a place for me to post things like decorating, baby talk, pictures, Cassidy updates, and much more. Joel and I have been working so hard on it and I’m so happy that it’s finally up and ready for viewing!

I’d love it if you’d head over and take a look. And please be sure to let me know what you think; I want your input, for sure!