Purple Party-5

Can you believe it?! My little bitty baby girl suddenly turned into a big 3 year old! WAAAHHHH!!! I’m not going to pretend there weren’t some tears shed. In fact, tucking Cassidy in that night, she wanted me to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ again and I was barely able to get through it. She kept asking, “Mommy are you sad?” Ha! No, baby girl; Mommy’s just having a minor freakout here…just ignore her. She found it pretty funny, actually. It’s just hard because, when I look at her, I still see my little fuzzy-red-headed baby girl, holding onto my fingers as I sing to her. OH GOSH. MUST STOP. MUST STOP NOOOOWWWWW. Yep. tears are here. I need to move on. Let’s move on.

As you can see, we went with a purple theme. Nothing else; just…purple. That’s all she wanted. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted, thinking she’d probably say Doc McStuffins or Minnie Mouse (thank goodness she didn’t. I freaking HATE that ridiculous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show), but all she said was “purple”. Easy enough! We decided to go with a brunch since she loves breakfast food so much and that way we’d have the whole rest of the day to ourselves. It was a lot more low-key than her past parties, but she still had all her favorite people there (i.e. her grandmothers), so she had a great time.

Here’s what we served:

Fruit platter
Sausage, egg, and green chile breakfast enchiladas (recipe coming soon)
Mini pancake and banana skewers
Biscuits with honey butter, ham slices, honey, and jam
Powdered sugar donuts (duh)
Purple Ombre birthday cake


As far as decorations, I just used a plain white tablecloth and draped it with different sizes and shades of purple ribbon. I also got a bunch of different purple paint samples and used my big round paper cut-out to make circles to put on the table. You couldn’t really see them in the pictures, unfortunately. The marquee ‘C’ came from Michael’s and I spray painted it purple. I bought the paper lanterns at Party City and used purple sparkly washi tape to liven up plain glass vases. I used the same washi tape to make little flags for the tops of the pancake skewers. All super easy, super quick stuff!

I was pretty proud of my ombre cake, considering my cake decorating skills are usually on par with a kindergartener’s. All I did for that was separate the frosting into 3 bowls and make each shade of purple slightly lighter than the last. Then I just started at the bottom and worked my way up, finishing with the lightest on top. Easy!

Purple Party-4

Purple Party-2

Purple Party-3

Purple Party-1

I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted this year because I was running behind and everyone was hungry, so I snapped what I could and hoped they were somewhat acceptable. I would’ve liked a few more, but…whatever. Also, Cass was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the attention and picture-taking, so I was hardly able to get any of us as a family. But like I said, it was still a great time and she loved it, so I call it a success! I was really happy with the way it all turned out and I loved the purple theme! Soon it’ll be time to start planning Elliott’s first birthday! But let’s not think about that right now…no more tears today, please!

3rd birthday


Cassidy’s Curious George Party!

2nd Birthday 4_

Well, it’s happened. My little sweet pea has turned TWO. So, so hard to believe! I was proud of myself this year, though. Unlike last year, I didn’t blubber and cry and make a huge fuss over my baby growing up too fast. Honestly, I’m enjoying watching her learn and grow so much, I can’t help but sit back and just enjoy the ride. She’s too much fun to cry over!

Since Cassidy’s absolute favorite thing in the world right now is Curious George (seriously, how precious is that show?!), we decided a Curious George birthday party was just the thing! I seriously had so much fun planning this one. Thanks to HomeGoods, Zulily, and other various places, I had all kinds of cute Curious George toys and books to decorate the table with. We decided to do a small family party and I think Cassidy had a blast. Here’s a few pictures from our fun day.

2nd Birthday_

My mom found some cute material and made Cassidy (and Baby Doll) their very own Curious George dress! Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe it!

2nd Birthday 12_

2nd Birthday 10_

2nd Birthday 5_

Since the party was late afternoon, we didn’t do a whole meal, just snack food. On the menu:

Hot ham and cheese sliders
Fruit kabobs
Spinach dip
Individual banana pudding cups
Yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream
Monkey punch (Pineapple Orange Banana juice with ginger ale)
Cheese crackers

2nd Birthday 6_

2nd Birthday 8_

2nd Birthday 7_

2nd Birthday 13_

2nd Birthday 3_

2nd Birthday 14_

I was so pleased with how everything turned out and everyone (especially the birthday girl) had a really good time. I know I’ll always look back on this day with such happy memories! Happy birthday to my sweet TWO year old!

2nd Birthday 2_

Party Info:

Invitations, ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, and food labels – SmashCakeandCo on Etsy

Cupcake toppers – Confetti Prints on Etsy

Curious George figurine and birthday candles – Amazon

Jumbo confetti sprinkles – Amazon

Curious George jack-in-the-box and hardback book- Zulily

Wooden Curious George car – HomeGoods


Cassidy’s First Birthday Party…

**Warning** This is a VERY picture-heavy post! 🙂

birthday party

As you all know, Cassidy turned one last month (still reeling over that one…) and of COURSE, we just had to throw her a big ol’ girly birthday party! Lots of pink, lots of aqua, and lots and lots of yummy treats!

birthday party15

I loved the invitations! Especially since they sort of coordinated with the invitations from our baby shower; I plan to frame them together in Cassidy’s room. I ordered them from tinyprints.com

birthday party19

I got the table cloth, cupcake tower, pink label stickers, and pink stick candy all at Party City

birthday party16

The cute little favor boxes came from Michael’s.

birthday party11

I got lucky one day at Home Goods and found these adorable cupcake liners.

birthday party20

The cupcakes were strawberry with vanilla buttercream and Cassidy’s smash cake was funfetti 🙂

birthday party8

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I sort of had a fun little theme going with sprinkles. I used 4 different kinds, which I thought was kinda fun 😉

birthday party14

A little baker’s twine can add just the right pop of color! (also found at Michael’s)

birthday party13

birthday party4

birthday party9

birthday party5

I found this adorable frame at Hobby Lobby one day for 7 bucks! I thought some sweet pictures of the birthday girl were the perfect decoration!

birthday party3

birthday party12

Cassidy didn’t exactly dive in head-first like we all expected. She ate one sprinkle at a time and barely made a mess!

smash cake

smash cake2

smash cake3

izzy balloon

…and of course Izzy had a good time! 😉

birthday party18

Happy birthday, Cassidy!!!

Menu (all sweets!)

Funfetti smash cake
Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream
Sprinkle sugar cookies (recipe to come!)
Vanilla meringues, from Trader Joe’s
Birthday popcorn (recipe to come!)
Bubble gum stick candy, from Party City
Pink lemonade (not pictured)
Bottled water