It’s that time of year again. Zero free time, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or fast food for every meal, forgetting what my husband looks like. Those of you who have followed me from the get-go know what I’m talking about – opera season.  Pretty much anyone who reads or has read my blog should know by now that I sing opera (hence the clever title, Sing For Your Supper) – this will be my 4th season with the Fort Worth Opera. I love it. I love the people, I love the music…the wigs, notsomuch, but pretty much everything about opera makes my world go ’round. We started rehearsals a week ago and since then I’ve had about 5 minutes of free time (which is, I’m sure you know, why my poor blog has suffered a bit). I’m lucky enough to have the afternoon off today (aside from Izzy’s ‘Four Legged Fashion’ photo shoot. What an adventure. More on that later!), so I’m taking the opportunity to fill you in on what’s been going on. And no, there’s no food involved (my oven is broken, hence all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches)- so if you’re here strictly for the food – sorry. And bye.

This year I’m in two operas: Don Giovanni (one of my all-time favorites) and a brand new, never before seen, world premier, Before Night Falls, based on the book of the same title.

Photo: FW Opera

My scene Don Giovanni is over before you know it – about 5 minutes long. Seriously. Almost not even worth the time. Almost. Since I adore Mozart so very much, I’m willing to do it for his sake. I have so many fond memories of this opera – my favorite scene in the world comes from it. I’ve done this scene countless times, but my favorite time was singing it in Italy with my dear friend, Christian (his Don Giovanni will literally give you hot flashes! He’s oh-so good!). It’s racy, beautiful and down-right FUN! (Please pardon the random subtitles…I couldn’t find a video without them!)

Before Night Falls is definitely the most difficult of all the operas I’ve ever been in. The music is seriously kicking my butt; it’s insanely hard. But at the same time it’s fascinating. I’m SO excited about this one – some of the most important people in opera will be there, including Opera News, to do a review! Also, they’ve told us we’re going to be on a new reality TV show all about opera and what goes into the making of a full-scale production (I don’t know all the details yet)! Woah!! This will be my first time to experience taking part in a world premier – this is very big! In case some of you were wondering, this opera is based on the 2000 movie, Before Night Falls, starring Javier Bardem (which is based on the original book I mentioned earlier). The rehearsals are so fast-paced and tiring, but getting to be a part of history is worth every minute! Those of you in the DFW area should definitely try to come and see it – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Photo: FW Opera

So there you have it – the latest in my crazy, opera world. After June 6, it will all be over and things will go back to “normal”. Maybe I’ll even cook a meal or see friends or walk my dog. Wouldn’t that be nice……. In the meantime, please be patient with me and my poor little blog; it may suffer just a bit, but I promise to do my best to post as often as possible! And when you’re gathered around your table enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal, think of my poor, neglected husband eating chicken wings for the 5th time in a row and sitting alone with Izzy, wondering when his estranged, opera-singing wife will be home. Poor Joel. I’ll have to make him a big ‘ol Oreo cake after this!


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  1. Best of luck to you with the operas! It sounds like you really enjoy it!!!!!


    Comment by Jennifer — April 20, 2010 @ 8:05 AM

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