I don’t know about the rest of you, but for the entirety of my wine-drinking life (about 8-9ish years), the only thing I knew about wine pairing was: red meat = red wine; poultry and fish = white wine. Boom. Done. And I’m not even sure how I came upon that knowledge. But for whatever reason, I followed it to the ‘T’. I would never have dared to drink red wine with fish (gasp!). Or white wine at a steak house.


Until I realized: NO ONE GIVES A CRAP WHAT I’M DRINKING. I mean, do you really think people saw me at a restaurant drinking Malbec with my sushi, and said to their friend, “oh my god, Becky, look at that crazy lady over there drinking Malbec with her sushi!”? Nope. Know why? Cuz no one cares. They’re too busy instagramming their food/making goo-goo eyes at the bartender/discretely picking food out of their teeth. So I stopped worrying about food and wine pairings. They don’t matter. If you think it tastes good together, drink it.

I don’t actually love white wine with my fish. But you know what? One of my most favorite things in the world (for real) is drinking expensive wine with cheap pizza. Seriously. Love it. I LOVE a good red wine with a Little Ceasar’s Hot ‘n Ready. In fact, it’s our Friday night routine. Joel grabs a couple of pizzas, I open a new bottle of wine, and we watch a movie (or the old school Ninja Turtles cartoons) with the kids. I look forward to it all week. Something about gross, greasy, $5 pizza with a smooth, full-bodied, fancy wine makes me feel like a rebel in the best possible way.

So, if it’s Thanksgiving and your stuffy uncle says white is the only acceptable option- bust out that red!

If you’re grilling burgers and hot dogs on a summer day- say “yes way, Rosé!”

Champagne at a chili cookoff in freezing temperatures? Oui, oui!

It’s ALL good, and it’s ALL acceptable. As long as you’re enjoying what you’re drinking, anything goes!



  1. bring out the band! And a big box of wine!! She’s BACK!!!!


    Comment by nadine bill — September 23, 2016 @ 5:59 PM

  2. Haha, I love this article! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way and doesn’t care if it ‘pairs’ according to the professionals. Whatever tastes good and pairs well in MY opinion is all that matters. Keep this kind of stuff coming 🙂


    Comment by John Dalquist — October 17, 2016 @ 4:12 PM

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