Well, the title really does say it all. These cookies should not be in existence right now….I should be in Playa del Carmen with my smiling husband, sipping frozen drinks, lying on a sunny beach, enjoying a temporary escape from our busy, dramatic and chaotic life…not blogging about these cookies. Obviously Hurricane Gustav had other plans for our little vacation. Soooo, as it turns out, I had plenty of time to bake, photograph and blog about these delightful cookies for this week’s TWD.

This week’s TWD recipe was Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters (what a mouthful!), chosen by Stefany of Proceed With Caution.  These reminded me of a monster cookie (one of my favorites!), but had a few small ingredients that made them a little different. We really enjoyed these – I froze the leftover dough to save as a nice treat for everybody who will be helping us move into our new house in two weeks (yaaaaaaay!)

A few of the ingredients included: Peanut butter (I used Natural because some of the girls suggested trying it if you wanted a more “peanutty taste”), chocolate chips, old fashioned oats, cinnamon (this gave a really nice flavor!), grated nutmeg and brown sugar to name a few. I cut the recipe in half and still had a ton of dough. These were a great cookie (although they didn’t taste quite as good as a trip to Mexico) and if you would like the recipe, visit Stefany’s Blog.

** On an separate note, I would like all of the people in the areas affected by Hurricane Gustav to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.



  1. What a lovely post – great photos! I love how the choc chips look in these cookies. This recipe does make a LOT of cookies; you were smart to halve it.


    Comment by Nancy (n.o.e.) — September 1, 2008 @ 9:40 PM

  2. I’d rather have a margarita than a cookie too sometimes. They look great, though!


    Comment by rainbowbrown — September 1, 2008 @ 10:07 PM

  3. i wonder how your chocolate chips stayed so unmelty?! your cookies are absolutely beautiful – and good luck with your move!


    Comment by Lori — September 2, 2008 @ 5:27 AM

  4. Every coin has two sides. Your cookies look great!


    Comment by Ulrike — September 2, 2008 @ 6:30 AM

  5. sad!! 🙁 at least you had the cookies to cheer you up a bit. they look yummy!


    Comment by kim — September 2, 2008 @ 9:07 AM

  6. Bummer about your vacay but the cookies look delish. Hopefully you’re able to redeem your trip for another (safer) time.

    Clara @ iheartfood4thought


    Comment by CB — September 2, 2008 @ 9:11 AM

  7. Yummy! And pretty chips, my dear! Mine wanted to hide when it was time for picture taking… 🙂


    Comment by hornedfroggy — September 2, 2008 @ 9:30 AM

  8. These look delicious. Sorry you didn’t get to go on vacation. At least you got chocolate!


    Comment by Kelsey — September 2, 2008 @ 10:03 AM

  9. Ahhh…I wish you were in Mexico having fun!


    Comment by Melissa — September 2, 2008 @ 10:07 AM

  10. Your cookies look so wonderfully chocolately! I hope you can reschedule your vacation.


    Comment by Holly — September 2, 2008 @ 3:05 PM

  11. ohh.. wholesome looking cookies you have there! I’m glad you love the cookies!


    Comment by Sihan — September 2, 2008 @ 3:45 PM

  12. Awesome photos! I’d rather be sipping frozen drinks too. Sorry about your trip!


    Comment by HoneyB — September 2, 2008 @ 6:04 PM

  13. sorry your trip was cancelled 🙁 hurricane season sucks and i hope it doesn’t my trip to belize in october!

    your cookies look great though! 🙂


    Comment by Jaime — September 2, 2008 @ 9:07 PM

  14. Your cookies look great! Sorry to hear about your trip, Mexico has been calling my name lately, too. 🙂


    Comment by Jessie — September 2, 2008 @ 9:53 PM

  15. 🙁 Sorry your trip didn’t work out. But seriously, I must say, your cookies are gorgeous and your photos are absolutely stunning.


    Comment by Teanna — September 3, 2008 @ 8:02 AM

  16. I’m so glad you tried natural peanut butter and it worked out, I’m definitely trying it next time. Safe at home baking cookies isn’t such a bad place to be right? Your cookies look terrific. 🙂


    Comment by LyB — September 3, 2008 @ 8:21 AM

  17. Aw! so sorry about your wrecked vacation.

    As a consolation, your cookies turned out picture perfect. Nice job. Did you stick some whole chips on top? what a great idea! they really look great like that. (must steal this idea, lol)


    Comment by JacqueOH — September 3, 2008 @ 8:37 AM

  18. So sorry that you aren’t on a beach. Are the cookies any consolation?


    Comment by Jules — September 3, 2008 @ 4:08 PM

  19. So sorry about your vacation not to be!

    Yours cookies look great though!


    Comment by Hannah — September 4, 2008 @ 9:04 AM

  20. i think those are some of the prettiest looking cookies i’ve seen. those chocolate chips are placed perfectly. sorry to hear about your vacation though!


    Comment by megan — September 8, 2008 @ 2:27 PM

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