Poor hubby has had a hard week. So last night I wanted to make him a nice, relaxing, delicious dinner that would hopefully let him forget his troubles for a while. That’s just what I did; pan-seared Ribeye steaks with a mushroom cream sauce, baked potatoes, gelato (all coming soon!) and this salad – it was a wonderful meal and a wonderful evening!

There is an Italian restaurant we like to go to that has the best house salad dressing; they make it with fresh tomatoes and it’s totally delicious. I’ve been meaning to try and recreate it at home so we can enjoy it anytime. So of course when I saw this recipe on Kayotic Kitchen, I knew I had to try it. While this recipe was great – it wasn’t quite like the restaurant style we love so much- pretty close, though. However, it’s good to have this recipe on hand – it’s delicious!!

Fresh Tomato Salad Dressing
-Kayotic Kitchen

3 Roma tomatoes
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
4 tbsp oil

I put all ingredients in a blender and pureed it until smooth. Taste for seasoning and refrigerate until needed.

This was a great salad – it was a nice change of pace from regular ranch dressing and we both loved it! I think hubby enjoyed his meal tremendously…I know I did!



  1. This looks healthy and delicious, will be trying it for sure!


    Comment by Michelle — July 17, 2009 @ 10:20 AM

  2. Thanks for the idea. I have an abundent tomato harvest right now and this will be delicious.


    Comment by Rita A — July 18, 2009 @ 7:30 AM

  3. Bet if you roasted those romas, it would be major!


    Comment by Luisa — July 18, 2009 @ 12:44 PM

  4. Oh, & roast the garlic too!


    Comment by Luisa — July 18, 2009 @ 12:45 PM

  5. I absolutely love this idea for a dressing! I’ve never had anything like it.It looks so good!


    Comment by Carrie — July 24, 2009 @ 1:17 PM

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