With all this cold, icy weather, I thought it would be only  fitting to post a great soup recipe! And who knows, maybe this warm, hearty chowder will make it to your dinner table tonight to keep out the cold!

This Potato, Corn and Sausage Chowder is great because it’s not one of those all day soups – it takes no time to make! And it gave me a great excuse to try out my new immersion blender hubby got me for Christmas!! (*But don’t worry if you don’t have one – you can either use a regular blender, or just leave it chunky, which I think is a great idea). This is a great recipe because unlike most chowders and creamy soups, it’s made with low-fat milk instead of cream; and I took the healthiness a step further and used lean turkey sausage – great taste and no guilt!

Corn, Sausage and Potato Chowder

-adapted from Food Blogga

1 tablespoon butter
1 cup yellow onion, chopped
2 cups Yukon Gold potatoes, chopped
2 cups vegetable broth
2 cups fresh corn kernels from 2 ears (or frozen)
1/4 teaspoon white pepper or cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
6-7 cranks of freshly ground black pepper
2 cups low-fat milk
1/4 cup sharp white cheddar cheese, shredded
3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley
1 package fully cooked turkey sausage (about 1 pound – you can use more or less if you want)

In a deep pot over medium-high heat, melt butter. Saute onions for 5 minutes, or until lightly browned. Add potatoes and broth, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low; add corn kernels, cayenne, salt, and black pepper, and stir well. Cook until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes. Add the milk, cheddar cheese, and parsley. Turn off heat and allow chowder to cool for 5-10 minutes.

Puree soup in two batches until smooth, and return to the pot over medium-low heat. Stir in cooked sausage and warm until thoroughly heated. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste.

I served it in individual bread bowls and hubby absolutely loved it! And it tastes even better the next day, by the way. Just perfect for super cold weather!



  1. Holy Lord! Does this ever look good. And the three main ingredients are all things I love!! I am so bookmarking this. It must have been soo delicious. Perfect for the snowy day we are having here!!


    Comment by Donna — January 28, 2009 @ 12:22 PM

  2. Thank you! This look fabulous!


    Comment by steff — January 28, 2009 @ 4:43 PM

  3. this looks delish! not being a huge fan of cheesy soups though, i wonder how the consistency would hold up without the cheddar.


    Comment by patti Look — January 28, 2009 @ 6:04 PM

  4. Potato and sausage have to be a perfect combination in soup. A warm bowl is the best comfort food. Yummy!


    Comment by Chuck — January 28, 2009 @ 6:20 PM

  5. Patti- I think this would be just fine without the cheese- probably not quite as rich, but still tasty!



    Comment by Amy — January 28, 2009 @ 6:25 PM

  6. I have been wanting to try this idea for a long time. Now that I see someone real make it I guess that is my cue. This looks really, really good.


    Comment by Margaret — January 29, 2009 @ 8:12 AM

  7. OOOoooh! looks soooooo good! especially with this cold weather we’re having!


    Comment by Katie — February 1, 2009 @ 3:53 PM

  8. You’ve been nominated for 2 awards… check out my blog for details! 😉


    Comment by Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart — February 2, 2009 @ 9:37 AM

  9. I made this and they liked it very much. My daughter calls it "Shepherd’s Pie Soup" because it reminds her of it.


    Comment by Joley — February 26, 2009 @ 4:32 PM

  10. Just stumbled across your blog and tried this recipe. It was a hit in my house! I’ll be checking back often 🙂


    Comment by Liz — January 14, 2010 @ 6:25 PM

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