Let's Try This Again….

Back in August hubby and I had vacation plans to go to Mexico for a week for our anniversary, but thanks to dadgum Hurricane Gustav, we had to reschedule. So guess what….ITS TIME TO GO TO MEXICO!!! Finally!!! I’ll be back in a week – see ya then!!!

…….wasting away again in Margaritaville…la, la, laaaaaa!!


Busy as Heck Thanks to Homeownership!

I know my blog has been pretty neglected lately – there have hardly been any recipes in between the TWD posts each week and I know that’s no good. But before you write me off completely for being lazy, neglectful and just plain no good, at least let me explain myself!

We bought our very first house back in July but haven’t been able to actually get into it until now (it has to do with our apartment lease). So before we make the big move this coming Saturday (pray for no rain!!!), we’ve been fixing it up a little. Our parents have been coming over pretty often to help us paint, clean, etc. and its been TIRING! I’m sleepy, sore, grouchy, irritable, and the list goes on. However, I know all this hard work will have been worth it when we move all of our furniture in and an empty house instantly becomes Our Home.  I can’t wait for that!! Woo Hoo!!

So now you know why I’ve been (and will most likely continue to be for a while) a little distracted from my beloved food blog! Once things calm down a little, everything will be back to normal here at Sing For Your Supper! No worries! But until that time comes….wish me luck! I’m gonna need it!!



Well, I spoke too soon….thanks to Hurricane Gustav, it looks like we won’t be going to Mexico after all….@#!$%^&*$!!!